4 Signs It’s Time For an Air Conditioner Replacement

4 Signs It's Time For an Air Conditioner Replacement

Know When You Need An Air Conditioner Replacement For Your Home.

It’s almost summer in Texas and we all know what that means: incredibly hot temperatures. One of the only ways to beat the heat in the middle of a Texas summer is staying inside and blasting your A/C. Because Texas summers can be uncomfortably hot, it is important to have an air conditioner that is fully functioning. Unfortunately, our A/C units will eventually need replacing, but knowing when to replace your air conditioner can save you from a very hot day. Here are five signs it’s time for an air conditioner replacement.

Your A/C Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

A big indicator that you need an air conditioner replacement is that your A/C unit is over ten years old. At that point, it might be good to consider an upgrade.

You Always Need Air Conditioner Repairs

If you are needing frequent air conditioner repairs, it could be time for an air conditioner replacement. You are probably spending more on repairs than what it would cost you to replace your A/C.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

While it’s normal to turn your air conditioner on a little bit colder during the summer, it shouldn’t affect your energy bills too much. If you have seen a huge increase in your energy bills, an air conditioner replacement might be in your future.

You Can’t Get Comfortable In Your Home

If you have your A/C on a cool temperature and it isn’t cooling your home, there could be a problem. It might have nothing to do with the age of your A/C and have everything to do with the size of your A/C. A new A/C is in order when you simply aren’t feeling comfortable.

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