Duct Cleaning

air filter, duct cleaningWhat can a thorough duct cleaning do for your system’s efficiency? A lot! If your ducts haven’t been inspected in a long time, you might be amazed by how much build-up they’ve acquired. The build-up can be made of dust, hair, blown out insulation, dirt particles from the outside, and more. The two most important things to remember are that this blockage can cause allergies and asthma in anyone living in the home, and that it will reduce the efficiency of your ventilation system.

How can you tell if your ducts need cleaning? Here are some warning signs to give you a heads’ up:

You have pets in your home. Pets are wonderful companions, but they leave fur and dander in many places. If you own cats, you might also have particles from their litter circulating through your ventilation system. This can cause allergic flare-ups, asthma, or even diseases.

Your air filters are dusty. Your air filters are one of the first places to look when you suspect your ducts need cleaning. If your air filters appear fluffy from all of the dust and debris that’s stuck to them, it’s definitely time to replace the filter and have your ventilation ducts cleaned.

You see dusty air coming from your vents. Your vents should be blowing clear, invisible air. If you notice dust particles coming out of them, it could indicate that the duct work is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Your energy bill has increased. While a higher energy bill alone isn’t enough to pinpoint the problem, when you combine it with any of these other warning signs, it is a good indicator that your system is working harder than usual. This burns more energy, and causes your energy bill to skyrocket.

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