Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

food being dumped down garbage disposal, Garbage Disposal RepairHave you been suffering from a garbage disposal that simply refuses to work anymore? If so, then contact your friendly hometown plumbers at 806-771-4687 . We provide garbage disposal repair and installation for Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding area. Our seasoned plumbing professionals have been serving this great community for more than 30 years, and in that time, we have learned what the residents of Lubbock are looking for. First and foremost is to simply be treated with the respect they deserve when they hire somebody. Here at J.D.’s Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing, that’s just what you’ll get. When you call us, one of our experienced plumbing technicians will arrive at your house (typically within 24 hours) to assess the situation and devise the best plan to fix your problem. Not only that, but you can rest assured that we’ll be there exactly when we say we will. That’s because we live by the motto “Always On Time… or You Don’t Pay a Dime.” Additionally, we run every single one of our employees through a rigorous background check and drug testing process to make sure you receive the best and safest service.

What Can’t My Disposal Handle?

Garbage disposals are designed to handle all sorts of things that are thrown at them. However, there are a few items that can easily wreck your disposal. Although some of these things won’t immediately cause it to stop working, over time they will shorten the life of your disposal. To keep your disposal running strong for years to come, avoid placing any of the following items in it.

  • Bleach
  • Celery
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Combustibles
  • Corn Husks
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Glass
  • Grease / Fat
  • Large Bones
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Potato Skins

Garbage Disposal Installation

Are you tired of constantly having to clean out the gross gunk in your sink? If so, then installing a new garbage disposal could be the right choice for you. The experienced plumbing professionals at J.D.’s Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing have been helping local area residents for more than 30 years. Give us a call at 806-771-4687 for garbage disposal repair and installation in Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding area.