What’s Causing My Pipes To Leak?

leaky pipeNo matter what type of property own, leaky pipes are bound to happen, if you have a functioning plumbing system of course. So yet again, you have to call up a professional to come fix it. But have you ever wondered what exactly is causing your pipes to leak? The plumbing experts at JD’s One Hour are here to shine some light on some reasons for leaky pipes throughout Lubbock, TX.

  • Deterioration: If your property has been around for a number of years, it’s likely that your plumbing system has been too. After a number of years and extended use, your pipes can exprience rust, which begins to eat away at your pipes, leaving space for leaks or even cause your pipes to burst.
  • Poor Workmanship: Although it’s not the most likely reasoning, it is the case every now and then. Maybe a DIYer took it upon themselves to handle prior issues but left the pipes in less than good condition. It’s likely that joints were not replaced correctly, thus leaving an opening for water to escape.
  • Temperature Changes: There is hot and cold water running throughout your plumbing system consistently. The constant fluctuation in temperature causes your pipes to expand and contract, ultimately leading to some creases and cracks somewhere along the line.

Our team of master plumbers have been proudly serving the area of Lubbock, TX for quite some time. We have the proper training and certification to guarantee that we resolve any of your plumbing issues or questions. So if you need a hand with your plumbing or have more question on what’s causing your pipes to leak in Lubbock, TX, don’t hesitate to contact us by dialing 806-771-4687 . JD’s One Hour Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing are here to make sure that your pipes continue to run smoothly.